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2023 Features and seminars

Tuesday 30 May 2023

13:00 - 14:00

Marcin Sadowski, JEMS Architekci

Architecture for life

JEMS Architekci's projects have become a permanent part of the history of modern architecture. Over more than 30 years, the architects have developed a consistent language of architectural expression. How to design and create the future with respect for the environment, and the pursuit of rational and responsible architecture will be learned during a lecture as part of the May edition of ARCHITECT@WORK. 


Warsaw-based JEMS Architekci studio is one of the most reputable in Poland. It was founded in 1988 by Olgierd Jagiello, Maciej Miłobędzki and Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski; in 1993 Marcin Sadowski joined the team (partner since 1996). The architects often declare that they are not interested in aesthetics, but their projects are recognizable. Refined detail, natural, minimally processed materials, modular facades with predominantly vertical divisions, elegance and discipline characterize most of their buildings. The studio's showcase is its headquarters in Warsaw's Mokotow district, as well as the Agora ("A-m" 4/02) and Spectra office buildings in the area. The architects are authors of such projects as the Warsaw Brewery and the International Congress Center in Katowice.

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