15 & 16 May 2024


A@W Warsaw 2023 – Full house!

5 June 2023

The second edition of ARCHITECT@WORK has exceeded everyone’s expectations with over 25% more visitors than last year.

The Architecture & Design Community massively attended this year’s event and by doing this confirmed that A@W Warsaw has definitely earned and claimed it’s position on the Polish market.

Exhibitor reactions were genuinely overwhelming and state that all of them are eager to be on board again for our 2024 edition, which will be hosted on 15th and 16th May at EXPO XXI.

The unique concept of the event turned out to be very successful. The small and uniform stands meant that visitors had a chance to look at each and every one of them, they had energy for conversation, and did not waste it on walking around endlessly. The specific audience the organizations targets, meant that all exhibitors had a chance to collect specific leads. Both visitors and exhibitors knew exactly what they were in for. - MILKE

From an organizational point of view, the event was 100% prepared! We received feedback from visitors who were very pleased with A@W. We will try to prepare a new innovation next year and we will be happy to apply again as an exhibitor. - CARO BETONELEMENTY

Thank you to everyone attending the event as an exhibitor or as a visitor, we truly appreciate your enthusiasm and are looking forward to welcoming you again.

See you again soon!

Team Warsaw

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