15 & 16 May 2024

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Materials curation CIRCULAR CYCLES by MaterialDriven

Circular Cycles


We are more and more aware of the impact that materials are having on our environment, taking care to understand key parameters such as the carbon footprint, recyclability, and embodied energy before these are selected and specified for projects. Architects and designers play a fundamental role in designing for a circular economy by understanding the impact that the materials they choose have on the environment. Working with safe and circular materials ensures that these can be continually be reincorportated into the technical or biological cycle and support a better use of our natural resources.


Circular design encourages all us, designers and consumers, to consider how we make products, and to consider the system that they are embedded in.Whether it’s improving the safety and health of users or ensuring that resources can be used again and again - it is essential that we understand that that materials matter.Underpinned by all three circular economy principles – eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials, and regenerate nature, manufacturing needs to be redesigned.

MaterialDriven's curation attempts to explore how materials move through the design, manufacturing and recycling process, providing a tangible inspiration and resource for visitors to  support them in making these choices and designing for a circular economy.



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