15 & 16 May 2024

2024 Features and seminars

Wednesday 15 May 2024

13:00 - 14:00

Piotr Grochowski and Wojciech Kolęda - Grupa Arche

Principle 4R in practice


The principle of 4R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rethink, serves as a key element of our work. By analyzing this principle in the context of sustainable design, we will explore methods of its implementation and its impact on the natural environment and the local community. We will delve into our scientific and practical experiences related to the revitalization process of complexes such as the Żnin Sugar Factory, Uphagen Manor, or the Royal Paper Factory.

Moderator: Marcin Szczelina, Architecture Snob


Piotr Grochowski

Architect, designer, urban planner. Principal designer at Arche Group. He possesses extensive experience in designing hotel and residential buildings, with particular expertise in the revitalization of historic structures. Among his notable works are the redesign of Uphagen Manor in Gdańsk and co-authorship of the revitalization project for Żnin Sugar Factory. Both individually and as part of a team, he has received awards in architecture and urban spaces, including the European Property Awards for the Łochów Manor project. Currently, he is pursuing his passion alongside a team, responsible for projects such as the revitalization of the former Luftwaffe airbase in Mielno, the adaptation of the Franciscan monastery in Wrocław, and a meditative hotel in Drohiczyn.

Wojciech Kolęda

Architect. Graduate of WAPW (Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Architecture). Winner of architectural competitions, including the Manifest Young Architect Award 2019. Since 2018, he has been creating architectural concepts for Arche Group and individual clients. He has worked on projects such as the revitalization of Żnin Sugar Factory, nominated for the EU Mies Award, Uphagen Manor in Gdańsk, Royal Paper Factory in Konstancin, Aircraft Factory in Mielno, and a meditative hotel in Drohiczyn. An active participant in the international discussion on the future of the architectural profession in the context of the climate crisis.

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